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Vincent Hsu "Journey Through Jazz" Sextet to perform at the 2015 NTCH Summer Jazz Festival

"Journey Through Jazz" Sextet is the latest project that double bassist Vincent Hsu specifically created for the 2015 NTCH Summer Jazz, in hopes of taking the audience on a musical journey through the evolution of jazz music in one night. With the rhythm of bass, keeping the pulse through different eras of this art form, Vincent Hsu "Journey Through Jazz" Sextet will present various styles and roots of jazz from the early 1920s to the modern period.

Vincent Hsu’s debut album, “Homeland,” won the “Best Jazz Album of the Year” by the 2014 Golden Indie Music Award, and got three nominations by the 2015 Golden Melody Awards, including “Best Composer,” “Best Album,” and “Best Album Producer” in the Instrumental category. Led by Vincent Hsu, his “Journey Through Jazz” Sextet consists of versatile musicians who cross freely between different styles of jazz, including tenor saxophonist Hank Pan, trombonist Nick Javier, guitarist Shih-Chun Lee, pianist Jason Hayashi, and drummer Cody Byassee. Through Vincent Hsu’s unique musical arrangement and presentation, the Sextet will awaken your inner beats from New Orleans styles, Swing & Big Band era, Bebop, Hard Bop, Afro-Cuban Jazz, all the way to Modern, Hip-Hop Jazz, and Vincent Hsu’s original compositions. “Journey Through Jazz” truly hopes to present a sampling of the most that jazz has to offer, put you encounter with the favorite jazz era of yours, and create your own journey with jazz for more decades to come.

Performance Details:

9/19 (Sat.) 20:30

Vincent Hsu "Journey Through Jazz" Sextet

National Theater & Concert Hall Plaza, Taiwan

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