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2022- Jazz Changed, Jazz Changes, Jazz Changin’ -- Film Project

2022 International Jazz Day -
"Mazu Pilgrimage" by Vincent Hsu
“Jazz Changes” by Vincent Hsu at Jianguo Market (建國市場)

2021 International Jazz Day - Vincent Hsu & Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz Band - "African Princess"

Vincent Hsu & Harlem Inc. Harlem Legacy: Back to St. Nick’s Pub.
徐崇育&Harlem Inc.爵士樂團:重返哈林 Official Music Video (Live in玉成戲院)

專輯影音花絮 Album Video

《In Our Blood 古巴吶喊》

Vincent Hsu & Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz Band featuring Victor Mendoza

徐崇育 & Soy La Ley 古巴爵士樂團

Lullaby for the Youth 給年輕的搖籃曲

Composition/Double Bass | Vincent Hsu

Piano | Harold Danko

Drums | Billy Drummond

演出現場 Concert Excerpts

"The Era"

Composed by Vincent Hsu

Live at JazzCírculoXI, 2018 Festival Internacional de Jazz de Madrid

Performed by Vincent Hsu Latin Jazz Ensemble《Clave de Taiwan》


Vincent Hsu (double bass)/ Víctor Mendoza (vibraphone)/ Bobby Martínez (tenor sax)/ Iván “Melón” Lewis (piano)/ Georvis Pico Milian (drums)/ Sebastian Laverde (congas)

"Pas de trois"

Composed by Vincent Hsu

Performed by Vincent Hsu Quintet [ Vincent Hsu (b)/ Jeremy Powell (s)/ Satoshi Kataoka (g)/ Marko Churnchetz Črnčec (p)/ Allan Mednard (d) ]

ShapeShifter Lab, NYC

"Peri's Scope"

Live at 2016 Taichung Jazz Festival

Performed by Vincent Hsu Trio [ Vincent Hsu (b)/ Harold Danko (p)/ Billy Drummond (d) ]

"A Swing by the Treehouse" 

Composed by Vincent Hsu

Live at 2015 National Theater & Concert Hall Summer Jazz Festival

Performed by Vincent Hsu "Journey Through Jazz" Sextet

專訪精華 Interview Excerpt

Taichung Jazz Festival Interview for Vincent Hsu Trio

《音樂有愛》訪談  DA AI TV Interview of Vincent Hsu, Harold Danko & Billy Drummond on the 2016 new released album, 《Lullaby for the Youth 給年輕的搖籃曲》Part 1

《音樂有愛》訪談 + 演出 DA AI TV Interview + Performance 

徐崇育 Vincent Hsu 2016《Lullaby for the Youth 給年輕的搖籃曲》

Vincent 徐崇育/ 李世鈞/ Cody Byassee

Musician On Music: 訪低音提琴手暨作曲家徐崇育

AudioArt Interview「音響論壇」雜誌影音專訪

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