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Vincent Hsu is an award-winning bassist and composer who fuses jazz and Afro-Cuban music with his Taiwanese roots. Born in Changhua, Taiwan, and raised in Kaohsiung, he launched his musical career in New York City, where he lived for eight years. His debut album, Homeland, won “Best Jazz Album” at the 2014 Golden Indie Music Awards and was nominated for three Golden Melody Awards in 2015: Best Album, Best Composer, and Best Producer (Instrumental). His second album, Lullaby for the Youth, with Harold Danko on piano and Billy Drummond on drums, was also nominated for three Golden Indie Music Awards in 2017. In 2018, Hsu’s latest album In Our Blood featuring Victor Mendoza, with Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz Band, won “Best Jazz Single of the Year” with Hsu’s composition “Dreamer's Blues” at the 2018 Golden Indie Music Awards. It was also honored with the Global Music Awards' “Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement” in 2019. In 2020, Hsu’s composition “The Era” was selected by International Songwriting Competition (ISC) as a finalist in the Jazz category.


Taking the combination of Afro-Cuban music and jazz as a form of bilingualism, Hsu is an inheritor of the musical lineage that originates in New York’s Spanish Harlem. Three distinct cultures intersect and interweave to shape the sonic character of Vincent Hsu’s music: the singular power of African polyrhythms come together with the fusion of Latin and jazz improvisation in a profusion of Taiwanese compositional elements that give rise to vivid storytelling. Vincent Hsu & his band have taken the dual vernaculars of Afro-Cuban music and jazz, and left their own musical mark through the creation of Vincent Hsu’s original work that embraces the context of Taiwan’s own soundscape.

Hsu was awarded a master’s degree in Jazz Performance from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance from City College of New York, where he previously earned a master’s degree in TESOL. He studied acoustic bass with legendary musicians, including Cecil McBee, Victor Venegas, Andy González, and John Schaeffer (former Principal Bassist for the New York Philharmonic). He also studied bata drums with Yagbe Awolowo Onilu, Pedro Pablo Rodríguez Mireles, Daniel Rodriguez, and Mauricio Herrera Tamayo.


Vincent Hsu serves as the Founder and Music Director of two bands: The Jazz Supreme Orchestra and Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz Band, which was invited to perform at the New Orleans Jazz Museum and the Downriver Festival, followed by their 2019 U.S. tour in New York, Chicago, and Connecticut. In recent years, he has been heading different bands appearing at jazz festivals, including Madrid International Jazz Festival, Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival, Busan Jazz Festival, Taichung Jazz Festival, Taipei Jazz Festival, National Theater & Concert Hall Summer Jazz Festival, and Macau Jazz Festival, etc. Hsu has also performed at various jazz venues, such as Blue Note New York, Blue Note Beijing, Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid, Jazz Gallery, St. Nick's Pub, Bowery Poetry Club, Arturo's, Aaron Davis Hall, and Smalls. The musicians he collaborated with include Luis Perdomo, Victor Lewis, Harold Danko, Billy Drummond, Jerome Jennings, Helen Sung, Ivan Melon Lewis, Georvis Pico Milian, Caramelo de Cuba, Raul Pineda, Manuel Machado, Ariel Bringuez Ruiz, Victor Mendoza, Bobby Martinez, Wayne Escoffery, Frederic Borey, Alex Terrier, among many others.


In addition to performing, Hsu is committed to the outreach of jazz culture and original compositions, actively promoting jazz and Afro-Cuban music through projects in education and international exchange. His radio show Jazz Supreme also won “Best Non-Pop Music Program” and “Best Non-Pop Music Program Host” at the 2020 Golden Bell Awards.

低音提琴演奏暨作曲家。成長於高雄,旅居紐約八年,畢業於 NYU 紐約大學爵士演奏碩士。演奏風格擅長爵士與非洲古巴音樂,活躍於國內外各大音樂節現場,曾受邀於馬德里爵士音樂節、紐奧良 NOLA River 音樂節、釜山爵士音樂節、紐約和北京 Blue Note、臺中/臺北爵士音樂節、兩廳院夏日爵士音樂節等地演出,並成為美國紐奧良爵士博物館首次邀演之臺灣音樂家,巡迴至芝加哥、紐約、康乃狄克州。近年亦透過線上演出呈現臺灣爵士樂世界觀,包括 UNESCO 聯合國教科文組織「國際爵士日」線上馬拉松、羅德島 FirstWorks 藝術節,並參與愛丁堡爵士及藍調音樂節「世界爵士」線上單元,為該音樂節唯一入選之亞洲樂團。自2021年受衛武營國家藝術文化中心之邀,策劃演出世界首演新作《大河精神—給愛河與密西西比河的爵士組曲》、2023新年音樂會《摩城之聲 搖滾古巴》。


以首張爵士創作專輯《Homeland》獲第5屆金音創作獎「年度最佳爵士專輯」,以及第26屆金曲獎三項提名,包括「演奏類最佳專輯」、「演奏類最佳專輯製作人」、「演奏類最佳作曲人」。並獲由新加坡、馬來西亞、台灣三地音樂傳媒評選之第八屆 Freshmusic Awards「年度最佳演奏專輯」。作曲〈夢想家的藍調〉獲第9屆金音創作獎「年度最佳爵士單曲」;專輯《In Our Blood古巴吶喊》獲美國全球音樂獎(Global Music Awards)銀獎,並以〈The Era大時代〉成為ISC國際作曲大賽(International Songwriting Competition)決選作品。現任「Soy La Ley 古巴爵士樂團」、「Jazz Supreme 爵士樂團」兩團團長,以及兩廳院夏日爵士策展人—除現場演出外,深感爵士樂文化和原創作品之重要,致力於爵士樂與非洲古巴音樂文化之推廣、教育和國際連結。目前於臺藝大任教,指導與創立「臺藝大爵士與非洲古巴大樂團」。主持之《Jazz Supreme 爵士.無所不在》廣播節目獲2020年金鐘獎「最佳類型音樂節目」、「最佳類型音樂節目主持人」。


2023年10月甫發行最新專輯《大河精神—給愛河與密西西比河的爵士組曲》,被美國權威爵士樂雜誌《DownBeat》評為 “Editors' Picks”(編輯嚴選),並獲高達四顆星的樂評推薦。

Artist Statement

My mentor Cecil McBee once told me : “Express, Not Impress!” It sums up my philosophy in terms of performing as a jazz bassist and leader on the stage. As someone who started playing double bass at the age of 25, the constant struggle I have been through is the critical strength to help me overcome the challenging of being a musician. In addition to jazz, Afro-Cuban music is also a huge inspiration to my own creative work. The relationship between religion (Yoruba) and rhythm (bata) has inspired me to study diligently and humble me always.  

My composition is the mixture of jazz and Afro-Cuban spirits, a musical combination of gospel and rumba, Yoruba and blues, Taiwan and Africa. My composition is a gateway for me to encounter musicians with different cultural backgrounds and share the love for the music through the process of making it together. Music makes us united as a single soul, express the humanity across boarders. 

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