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Thanks Taipei Times for the wonderful article about the film -"Jazz Changed, Jazz Changes, Jazz Changin’" 

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Jazz performance by Vincent Hsu focuses on change

  • By Jake Chung / Staff writer, with CNA





恭喜徐崇育的創作《The Era 大時代》

入圍全球最大『ISC 國際歌曲創作比賽 』2019年爵士類決選!


Breaking News!!

Vincent Hsu's tune "The Era" has been selected as a finalist in the Jazz category by the 2019 ISC (International Songwriting Competition) 

listening committee. Thank you, ISC!


Please view the complete list of finalists at the link below.




March 5, 2020


Breaking News  7/02/2021 

Vincent Hsu &  Harlem Inc Debut  at Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

Vincent Hsu & Harlem Inc. Harlem Legacy: Back to St. Nick’s Pub.

An homage to St. Nick’s Pub, one of the oldest continuous operating jazz clubs in Harlem, and the home of many historic, late night Jam sessions.

Award-winning bassist and composer Vincent Hsu played at St. Nick’s for many years and he has curated an upbeat programme “Harlem Legacy: Back to St. Nick's Pub” delivered by a stellar octet featuring hard bop, funk, Latin, and Hsu’s originals.

Taiwanese musician Vincent Hsu is an internationally travelled artist whose musical styles cross between jazz and Afro-Cuban music, leaving his own musical mark through his original compositions that embrace the context of Taiwan’s own soundscape. His albums have won the Global Music and Golden Indie Music Awards. He also has a deep passion for jazz education and outreach, including hosting the Golden Bell award-winning radio show “Jazz Supreme.”

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The 55th Radio Broadcasting Golden Bell Awards

徐崇育/Jazz Supreme 爵士‧無所不在】


Non-Pop Music Program Award Winner


Non-Pop Music Program Host Award Winner

BRAVO FM91.3 台北/都會/音樂

Classical FM97.7 古典音樂台



Master Class with

Christian Mcbride


恭喜 徐崇育 & Soy La Ley 古巴爵士樂團首張專輯《In Our Blood 古巴吶喊》獲得2019年『全球音樂奬』銀奬殊榮!

Breaking News!! Vincent Hsu & Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz Band's debut Album "In Our Blood" was honored with 2019 Global Music Awards' Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement! 

July 5, 2019


徐崇育 & Soy La Ley 古巴爵士樂團首張專輯《In Our Blood 古巴吶喊》,以徐崇育團長之創作 “Dreamer’s Blues 夢想家的藍調” 贏得2018年第9屆金音創作獎「年度最佳爵士單曲獎」
Vincent Hsu & Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz Band's debut album "In Our Blood" won the 2018 Golden Indie Music Awards in the category of "Best Jazz Single of the Year!"
October 27, 2018

In 2018, Vincent Hsu’s latest album《In Our Blood》featuring Victor Mendoza, with Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz Band, won the Best Jazz Single with Vincent’s composition “Dreamer's Blues” at the 2018 Golden Indie Music Awards. This album aims to express his passion toward Afro-Cuban music and its tradition through musicians and stories from Taiwan.


恭喜由徐崇育主持之 Bravo FM91.3【Jazz Supreme 爵士.無所不在】入圍2018年廣播金鐘獎「非流行音樂節目獎」。

Congratulations for Vincent Hsu's radio show being nominated for the 2018 Golden Bell Awards!  
September 29, 2018

Vincent Hsu's radio show 【Jazz Supreme 爵士.無所不在】was nominated for the "Best Non-pop music Radio Program" at the 2018 Golden Bell Awards!


【Jazz Supreme 爵士.無所不在】
Premiere/Tuesdays 20:00(Recap/Sundays 23:00) 
♫♫ How to Listen♫♫

1. Radio- BRAVO FM91.3
2. From PC/Laptop PC 收聽
3. From Mobile 手機收聽

4. Archives 經典重聽

2018 徐崇育全新爵士樂廣播 【Jazz Supreme 爵士.無所不在】
Vincent Hsu to host his brand new radio show【Jazz Supreme 爵士.無所不在】starting Jan. 2018 at Bravo FM 91.3
Jan. 1, 2018

Starting from Jan. 2018, Vincent Hsu will host his brand new radio show every Tuesday night at 8pm on BRAVO FM91.3 台北/都會/音樂. This show is going to introduce not only jazz, also great Afro-Cuban/Latin jazz albums & essential jazz vocabularies. Please stay tuned!!! Tomorrow 1/2 (Tue.) at 8pm, the first episode will be on air!!! 


【Jazz Supreme 爵士.無所不在】
Premiere/Tuesdays 20:00(Recap/Sundays 23:00) 
♫♫ How to Listen♫♫
1. Radio- BRAVO FM91.3
2. From PC/Laptop PC 收聽
3. From Mobile 手機收聽

4. Archives 經典重聽

徐崇育爵士創作專輯《Lullaby for the Youth 給年輕的搖籃曲》入圍2017年第8屆金音創作獎三項提名:「最佳爵士專輯」、「最佳爵士單曲」、「最佳樂手」
Vincent Hsu's album, Lullaby for the Youth, was nominated for three Golden Indie Music Awards in 2017
October 27, 2017

《Lullaby for the Youth 給年輕的搖籃曲》was nominated for three Golden Indie Music Awards in 2017, including "best jazz album," "best composition of jazz single," and "best jazz performance (as double bassist)."

徐崇育全新爵士創作專輯《Lullaby for the Youth 給年輕的搖籃曲》2016年10月發行
Annoucing: Vincent Hsu's brand new album, "Lullaby by for the Youth," released in Oct. 14, 2016
October 1, 2016

2016 sees the release of Hsu’s brand-new album, Lullaby for the Youth. For Hsu, youth isn’t about age; it’s what he calls “a state of mind.” Drawing upon his experiences during that courage-and hope-filled stage of life, he offers support—in the form of a lullaby—to those who are pursuing their own dreams. For the making of Lullaby for the Youth, Hsu assembled a lineup of jazz veterans who have been a part of the scene for nearly four decades, namely pianist Harold Danko and drummer Billy Drummond, who will also join the 2016 album release tour.

Homeland 再次獲獎—由新加坡、馬來西亞、台灣三地音樂傳媒評選之2015年第8屆 Freshmusic Awards「年度最佳演奏專輯獎」
Homeland won "Best Instrumental Album" by the 8th Freshmusic Awards (FMA)
June 22, 2015

Thank you for the FMA jury committee composed of the music critics and professionals from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, for selecting Vincent Hsu's "Homeland" as the "Best Instrumental Album" released in 2014. We're honored to win the 8th Freshmusic Awards!

徐崇育首張創作專輯 "Homeland" 獲2015年第26屆金曲獎演奏類三項大獎提名
"Homeland," the debut album by Vincent Hsu, receives 3 nominations at the 2015 Golden Melody Awards
May 18, 2015

As the nominees for the much-awaited 2015 Golden Melody Awards (GMA) was announced on May 18th, congratulations to Vincent Hsu for receiving three nominations at the 26th GMA, including “Best Composer,” “Best Album,” and “Best Album Producer,” in the Instrumental category.

徐崇育首張創作專輯 "Homeland" 獲2014年第5屆金音創作獎「年度最佳爵士專輯獎」
Vincent Hsu's album, "Homeland," won 'Best Jazz Album of the Year' at the Golden Indie Music Awards
Dec. 6, 2014

Congratulations to Vincent Hsu on winning the 'Best Jazz Album of the Year' for his debut jazz album, "Homeland," at The 5th Golden Indie Music Awards in 2014.


The Golden Indie Music Awards is one of the two major music awards in Taiwan, emphasizing artists’ own abilities to write and produce music. A contender is only qualified when 70 percent of the music on each album is written by the artist himself.


The GIMA award ceremony was held on December 6, 2014, in Taipei. "Homeland," Vincent Hsu's debut album, brought back the 'Best Jazz Album of 2014' at the 5th Golden Indie Music Awards.

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